A lost bunny!

One morning I was sleeping in my bed room. The window was open. The window gave me a part sun on to my eyes that slipped out of my blanket. My eyes started to open slightly. With no clear vision, I felt a shadow on my face. Quite an unusual object for the morning. I raised my head out of blanket and looked at it with more enthusiasm. Suddenly it jumped in! I say “Aaaa” with a fright, I jumped out of bed. Then I saw it. A white fluffy bunny it was. Then i was like “Awww cute” 😀 With a smile I took it in my arms. I cuddled it and hugged it and kissed it soo much. It was soo fluffy and cute. I gave it food and let it sleep with me on my bed.

Suddenly… knock knock… Someone behind the door! OMG! its my mom! She will kill me if she see him in my room. So, i quickly dropped him in my cupboard. Opened the door and mom came in. she asked about the bunny and I was shocked. Did she saw I hiding him? But she said she was chasing it away. She personaly like the bunny. But if my father see him, he will kill him and beat her for taking him in. So if my mom scare it away, everyone can be safe. But with a knocking sound on the cupboard, the bunny jumped right in front of mom. I begged her soo much to find a way to let him stay with me. But she had no choice to take him away from my home. I picked him and hugged him soo much and before I can give him a kiss, she took it away from me. I cried all the day for him.

My mom took it far away in to some jungle. I can only hope that there is no lion or tiger to eat him and he can find family.

A ear shattering sound woke me up!!! I’m locked inside a small dirty cage. The shop keeper dropped in a some carrot for me to eat! Yes… I was that lost bunny! 😥


Moztrics @ MES : July 19, 2014

“One more day of team work and spreading the knowledge to world.”

– MozillaKerala

 I have been living in Malabar region of kerala for more than 1 month till now. The most attractive part of Malabar is the people itself. Very cool people to hangout and interact with could be a good reason for the unity and strength of the communities they are in.


Yup! Moztrics! An WebMaker and AppDay event with Inauguration of Moztrics at MES College of Engineering, Kuttippuram. Moztrics is the new Firefox club of their college. It aims on the development of students with world wide web by conducting various programs in their college and also to work with Mozilla to spread the knowledge to the world.


The day kicked off with the Inauguration of the Moztrics club. The event started with a silent prayer. The people on stage gave their speech, starting with welcome speech etc and the Moztrics was inaugurated by hitting the “like” in its facebook page. After the inaugural ceremony, PSBots(Praveen Sridhar) and Binoy gave their talks to introduce Mozilla to the students. Then an IceBreaker event was held to increase the community strength of their new Firefox Club called Moztrics. The total students were divided in to 5 groups and lets them decide a way to escape from a Island. Many groups came up with crazy ideas and funny ones too.


As the Icebreaker ends, the students were instructed to move to the two rooms where 2 sessions were held.


The Webmaker Party is for beginner in HTML and CSS and AppDay is for people who are interested in makeing new apps for the FirefoxOS. The WebMaker party was lead by Anush and Varghese. The App Day was lead by Praveen, Siraj and Vipin. Rest of the Mozillians along with the volunteers helped them to achieve best result from the sessions.

10555074_323311554510590_250455846_n         10559139_323314631176949_876441195_n

Anush introduced some tools like Mozilla Thimble and started off with the basics of HTML. Many tags in HTML was introduced and explained to the students. The most interesting part of that event was some teacher were there to learn the Web making. It is a great inspiration to all.


” Once you stop learning, you start dying ” – Albert Einstein

Varghese demonstrated the HTML tags and later the usage of CSS along with the HTML tags and to design a decent website. Together they showed them some special techniques and methods to get things done in HTML and CSS. Later Nidhiya gave a talk on the Bootstrap for advance wed development with the help of visual aids.




As a result all the students were able to create their own website. Mean while the AppDay was going in the other lab. They taught them as a team. Praveen and Binoy explained the working of the App. They demonstrated how to build a complete app and upload it to the MarketPlace. The session was very useful for the students that they were able to develop a app with their HTML and CSS skills they got.


Moz2School Event : July 12, 2014

“Give me a fish and I eat for a day.  Teach me to fish and I eat for a lifetime.” – Chinese Proverb

As far as I joined Mozilla and became a part of the Mozilla Kerala community, It have been doing lots of events that includes the participation of lots of kids in kerala. One of such initiative is Moz2School. It is intended to teach the students about the web development and let them understand what all things the web offers them.

Its been a long since Vinaya have been informed about by a school where they need someone to teach the basics of html and css for high school students. So, as part of Moz2School agenda, we have confirmed to teach them about web and html with css basics. The event was organized by Nidhiya Viraj and Vinaya V Pai at Vidhyadiraja Vidhya Bhavan H S S, Aluva. I offered my complete dedication to the event as it can be conducted as discussed at the MozCoffee meeting held on June 15, 2014 . The event was planned and expected to conduct on the July 12, 2014 (Today).

 Today… it was a cool morning with rain drops falling over roof top. But looking at time kicked me up. I left home in quick blink of time with just having my mom’s black tea for breakfast. When the event was planned, it was a 2 session event with a theory session and practical session. But when we reached the school, due to technical difficulties, the evening lab sessions were canceled. There were 6 mozillians, namely Vinaya V Pai, Nidhiya Viraj, Roopa Calistus, Sirajul Muneer C B, Varghese Thomas E, and Nikhil John(myself) attended this event at Vidhyadiraja Vidhya Bhavan H S S, Aluva.


The above is the team of mozillians attended the event. It was very fun with all the children, teachers and mozillians. Vinaya and Nidhya have managed to arrange the events started with a small introduction to web by Nidhiya. They have set up the class with projector and white board. Later myself and Varghese started with HTML and CSS basics. The basics structure of HTML is explained by Varghese and the basic style was introduced to them by me. We demonstrated all that we explained over the Mozilla Firefox browser. The event continued with explaining various tags used in HTML like header tags, paragraph tag, anchor tag etc and also some concepts like hyperlinks, absolute/relative paths, box model etc. The box model was the topic handled by Nidhiya. She explained the box model with the help of Mozilla Firefox developer tools. The students were very enthusiastic to learn more about web and it development. Nidhiya also demonstrated the difference between margin, border, padding etc. As a final touch up, Varghese created a basic website to display information with links and different colors. The participants were responded to our class with greatly. It was clear that the event was successful from those responses. Greetingz to all Mozillians!